Message from the President

To Our Students:

Welcome to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, a university “system” with campuses in Florida, Arizona and more than 125 locations around the world. You have made a decision that will not only make the next four years of your life exciting, challenging, inspiring and fun, but it will establish your future as a leader in whatever career you may choose—and, you will find that there are many directions you can take to design that future.

Our community of faculty, staff and your fellow students are here to help you develop or find your passion from among the vast number of traditional as well as contemporary, new and emerging fields. Academic programs are reviewed regularly to ensure that you will receive the best possible education, and Embry-Riddle emphasizes experiential learning so that you are “doing” as you are learning. Research starts your first day at Embry-Riddle. Faculty work with students at all levels on a research project or projects. Nearly 90 percent of our students are engaged in hands-on research, capstone projects and internships that connect them with faculty, industry and other valuable partnerships. Their work is highly sophisticated and even award winning.

The University is widely understood to be the “best in class” in the aviation and aerospace industry, but it is also a strong STEM university in many fields including business and security and intelligence studies. From autonomous vehicles to flight—and even autonomous flying vehicles—we compete and win. Our students also compete—and win—on the athletic fields and courts. Several accelerated Bachelor’s/Master’s degree programs shorten the time and cost of two degree programs, and seven Ph.D. programs welcome continuing Embry-Riddle students as well as others who compete to gain entrance into these programs.

You will live and study with students and faculty who come from every state in the nation as well as 125 countries around the world, providing you with the opportunity to experience diverse opinions, ideas and cultures. Becoming a global citizen is essential for your work in this nation as well as around the globe. And, you will find Embry-Riddle provides programs all across the world.

Embry-Riddle is 90 years old, and thus our graduates total more than 120,000 alumni. While we are proud of our past and the ongoing evolution of the University, we are focused on our future and we know you and all of our students will play an active role in creating that future. We will learn from you and we expect these contributions. I wish you a wonderful experience on whatever campus you choose and I am delighted you have made the choice to become a member of the Embry-Riddle family—and forever an Eagle.

Karen A. Holbrook, Ph.D.
Interim President and CEO