Message from the President

P Butler

To Our Students:

Welcome to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, a premier global institution serving more than 31,000 students at two residential campuses in Florida and Arizona, through the Worldwide Campus at 125 locations around the world, and through online programs. Now that you have made the decision to join the Embry-Riddle family, an exciting new world of learning and opportunities for innovation await you. As an Embry-Riddle graduate, you will be well-prepared to join an elite group of leaders across a wide variety of careers, whether you choose to pursue a life in aviation and aeronautics, business, engineering, security and intelligence, or any other field.

Embry-Riddle offers programs in a wide array of traditional as well as emerging fields. Our academic community – including faculty, staff and your fellow students – stand ready to help you identify your passion and pursue your learning goals. All of our academic programs undergo regular review to ensure they will effectively meet your needs and the highest possible educational standards. Our emphasis on experiential learning will provide hands-on learning opportunities as soon as you begin your studies. Nearly 90 percent of our students are directly connected with faculty members and industry partners through sophisticated research, capstone projects and internships. Many students at Embry-Riddle win awards and competitions and publish their research findings on a regular basis.

Embry-Riddle is well-known as the world’s largest and oldest aviation institution, but we offer much more than flight instruction. The strength of our science, technology, engineering and mathematics programs makes it possible for students to master fields ranging from hybrid electric propulsion and autonomous flying vehicles to the human factors that affect operational efficiency. Students at Embry-Riddle are also competing and frequently winning on the athletic fields and courts, too. Combined Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs are available to make it faster and less costly to earn degrees in two programs. Seven competitive Ph.D.-level programs are open to continuing Embry-Riddle students and others.

We are a truly inclusive institution, serving students and faculty from across the United States and 125 countries worldwide. Research at Embry-Riddle benefits from a rich diversity of perspectives and ideas, which contributes to transformative thinking and innovation. We have a goal to double our research enterprise within the next 5-10 years, and near our Daytona Beach Campus we have just opened a state-of-the-art research facility, the John Mica Engineering and Aerospace Innovation Complex, or MicaPlex. This facility and our surrounding research park will offer opportunities to collaborate with industry partners, opening new doors for student-researchers who will become tomorrow’s problem-solvers.

More than 125,000 alumni are Embry-Riddle’s greatest achievement. We are proud of our 90-year legacy of innovation, yet we remain steadfastly focused on the future, and your role in shaping it. You will advance human knowledge, quality of life, and economic prosperity for all. You will help us reach even greater heights. As an Embry-Riddle Eagle—now and forever—we will expect great things from you. We will learn from you. Whichever Embry-Riddle campus you choose, may you have a meaningful, exciting learning experience, make many new friends, and fly into the future with us.

P. Barry Butler, Ph.D.