M.S. in Aeronautics

Worldwide Embry-Riddle Masters Aeronautical Science

Part-Time taught at Singapore Aviation Academy

In the rapidly changing world of aviation and aerospace, industry professionals must do more than simply keep up – they need to take charge of their futures. In today's global workplace, a graduate-level education is becoming more and more critical in order to reach the upper levels of management. An advanced degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University can help you broaden your knowledge, diversify your talents, and give you an edge on the competitive playing field of aviation.

Students appreciate the Master of Science in Aeronautics (MSA) program's solid core of classes, partnered with a range of specialties that are tailored to individual interests. You'll become and expert of the tools needed in the development, manufacture, and operation of aircraft and spacecraft, and gain a comprehensive understanding of the infrastructure that supports industry.

Program-Specific Criteria

Subject knowledge for a specific graduate course must be satisfied before enrollment in that course is permitted. Students may enroll in graduate level courses only if they meet prerequisite knowledge requirements. Graduate level prerequisite courses taken with ERAU must be completed with a grade of B or better.

Applicants for admission to the Master of Science in Aeronautics (MSA) program must have prerequisite knowledge in the following areas:

  • Quantitative Methods 

Students should assume responsibility to see that prerequisites are satisfied. The prerequisite subject knowledge for a specific graduate course must be satisfied before enrollment in that specific course is permitted. Students may enroll in other graduate level courses as they meet any specific prerequisite knowledge required.

The prerequisite knowledge can be validated through one of the following:

  1. Completed an undergraduate or graduate course in each of the specific subject areas and upon validation of the course from an official transcript; -OR-
  2. Completed a course listed in either the National or ACE Guide for which academic credit in one of the specific subject areas is recommended; -OR-
  3. Received at least the minimum recommended score on a CLEP, DANTES, PEP, etc. exam in each of the subject areas as required.

Major/Core - Capstone Option

Core Credits
ASCI 602The Air Transportation System3
ASCI 604Human Factors in the Aviation/Aerospace Industry3
RSCH 665Statistical Analysis3
RSCH 670Research Methods3
ASCI 691Graduate Capstone Course3
Total Credits15


Students may choose one specialization and three electives or two specializations with no electives required
College of Aeronautics Graduate Courses (500-600 level)9
Choose Specialization(s) from the list below:12
ASCI 509Advanced Aerodynamics3
ASCI 517Advanced Meteorology3
ASCI 623Aircraft Design and Development3
UNSY 501Application of Unmanned Systems3
Aviation/Aerospace Education Technology
ASCI 514Computer-Based Instruction3
ASCI 550Aviation Education Foundations3
ASCI 614Advanced Aviation/Aerospace Curriculum Development3
ASCI 654Adult Teaching and Learning Techniques3
Aviation/Aerospace Operations
ASCI 515Aviation/Aerospace Simulation Systems3
ASCI 560Advanced Rotorcraft Operations3
ASCI 617Airport Safety and Certification3
ASCI 620Air Carrier Operations3
Aviation/Aerospace Safety Systems
ASCI 611Aviation/Aerospace System Safety3
ASCI 612Aviation/Aerospace Industrial Safety Management3
ASCI 615Aviation/Aerospace Accident Investigation and Analysis3
ASCI 618Aviation/Aerospace Safety Program Management3
Human Factors in Aviation Systems
ASCI 516Applications in Crew Resource Management3
ASCI 634Aviation/Aerospace Psychology3
ASCI 660Sensation and Perception3
MSHF 606Human Cognition3
Space Studies
ASCI 511Earth Observation and Remote Sensing3
ASCI 512Space Mission and Launch Operations3
ASCI 513Space Habitation and Life Support Systems3
ASCI 601Applications in Space: Commerce, Defense, and Exploration3
Unmanned Aerospace Systems
ASCI 530Unmanned Aerospace Systems3
ASCI 531Robotics and Control3
ASCI 637Unmanned Aerospace Systems Operations and Payloads3
ASCI 638Human Factors in Unmanned Aerospace Systems3
Air Traffic Management
ASCI 606Global Air Traffic Control and Management3
ASCI 624Global Aviation Leadership: Critical Decision Making in Air Traffic Systems3
ASCI 625The Role of Airports in Global Air Traffic Management3
ASCI 626Air Traffic Control Human Factors3
Small Unmanned Aircraft System Operation
UNSY 515sUAS Operation Fundamentals3
UNSY 520sUAS Practical Application and Assessment3
UNSY 620sUAS Operational Planning and Safety Management3
ASCI 637Unmanned Aerospace Systems Operations and Payloads3
Total Degree Requirememts36/39