In the 2016-2017 Catalog

B.S. in Emergency Services

Worldwide Embry-Riddle Bachelors Fire scienceThe Emergency Services degree program provides students with the theoretical foundations for leadership and administration in fire and emergency services response organizations.

The curriculum includes the principles, theory, and practices associated with today’s emergency response professionals.  The program is regionally academically SACS accredited and FESHE recognized.

The B.S. in Emergency Services degree broadly encompasses all emergency services response disciplines in public and private sectors including:  fire, emergency medical, investigation, engineering, aircraft rescue and firefighting, environmental, hazmat, inspection, dispatch, security, OSHA, instruction, public information, wildland firefighting, etc.  Concepts covered include human behavior, structures and systems, prevention, protection, investigation and analysis, organization and management, research, administration, hazardous materials, personnel management, political and legal foundations, terrorism, community risk reduction, disaster planning and control, system design for life safety, occupational safety, and human program management.

The curriculum design for this degree is based on in the National Fire Academy's Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education (FESHE) Model Curriculum for a Bachelor’s Degree.  When students complete courses through Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, they receive a National Fire Academy certificate just as if they completed the courses at the National Fire Academy.  Beyond the six FESHE core courses, several additional ERAU-developed courses have been approved for students to receive NFA certificates—this is a unique advantage of taking classes at ERAU.

There are two specializations currently offered at the baccalaureate level: Aviation Emergency Management, and Fire and Emergency Services.

  • The Aviation Emergency Management Specialization has a focus on aircraft accident crash investigation, airport emergency management, aviation safety, and leadership in emergency response organizations.
  • The Fire and Emergency Services Specialization focuses on emergency response administration, management, leadership, community risk reduction, and operational issues in emergency services.

General Education

General Education
Embry-Riddle courses in the general education categories of Communication Theory and Skills, and Humanities and Social Sciences may be chosen from those listed below, assuming prerequisites are met. Courses from other institutions are acceptable if they fall into these broad categories and are at the level specified.
Communication Theory and Skills
ENGL 123English Composition3
HUMN 330Values and Ethics3
Humanities elective3
Social Sciences
ECON 210Microeconomics3
or ECON 211 Macroeconomics
Social Science elective (History/Government/Social Science/Psychology/Economics)3
Physical and Life Science Lower-Level electives
MATH 111
MATH 112
College Mathematics for Aviation I
and College Mathematics for Aviation II
or MATH 140
MATH 142
College Algebra
and Trigonometry
Computer Science
CSCI 109Introduction to Computers and Applications3
Total Credits36


Program Support9
MATH 211Statistics with Aviation Applications3
or MATH 222 Business Statistics
WEAX 2013
RSCH 202Introduction to Research Methods3
Program Specialization39
Choose one Specialization


Open Electives**27

Students are allowed to utilize their elective credits to select any Minor offered in the catalog.

Specified Electives9
Choose 9 credits from ASCI/ SFTY/FIRE/ESVS Courses
Total Degree Requirements120

Minnesota student residents refer to State of Minnesota Course Requirement statement for Humanities requirements.

Program Specializations:

Aviation Emergency Management Specialization

FIRE 3023
FIRE 3033
FIRE 3053
FIRE 4003
FIRE 4013
ESVS 3013
ESVS 4033
ESVS 4043
ESVS 4053
ESVS 4803
SFTY 330Aircraft Accident Investigation3
SFTY 350Aircraft Crash and Emergency Management3
SFTY 409Aviation Safety3
Total Credits39

Fire and Emergency Services Specialization

FIRE 2013
FIRE 3033
FIRE 3043
FIRE 3053
FIRE 4003
FIRE 4013
FIRE 4063
ESVS 3013
ESVS 4023
ESVS 4033
ESVS 4043
ESVS 4053
ESVS 4803
Total Credits39