M.S. in Leadership

Worldwide Embry-RIddle Masters LeadershipMany companies look the same from the outside, but on the inside there are dramatic differences in culture and performance. It all starts with leadership.

Good leaders develop high-performing teams that consistently outperform their competition. These teams capitalize on their strengths, draw inspiration from diversity, and hold each other accountable to achieving their mission.

Good leadership is not a fluke. Good leaders are systematically developed. The Master of Science in Leadership degree helps students develop the competencies that are essential for leading an organization effectively.

Through this comprehensive curriculum, you will learn how to:

  • Inspire the best from those around you.
  • Communicate powerfully and develop additional sources of influence.
  • Understand your leadership capacities and minimize your blind spots.
  • Coach and mentor others to achieve their potential.
  • Analyze and diagnose organizational issues that impact your team’s performance.
  • Anticipate the need for organizational change and renewal.
  • Establish and foster a high-performing culture across your organization.

In addition to grooming you for today’s most challenging leadership positions, this degree will arm you with the skill and vision to become one of the architects of tomorrow.


Leadership Core
MSLD 500Leadership Foundations in Research3
MSLD 5113
MSLD 5203
MSLD 5213
MSLD 6323
MSLD 6333
MSLD 6343
MSLD 635
MSLD 6413
MSLD 6903
Total Credits27


Select any two graduate level classes of 3 credits from the College of Business
Total Credits6
Total Degree Requirements36