Humanities (HUMN)


HUMN 330  Values and Ethics  3 Credits (3,0)

This course focuses on the process of practical ethics as a way of resolving moral conflict and of understanding professional responsibility in a multi-culturally diverse society without devaluating specific viewpoints of ethical or metaphysical theory, ideology, or religion. Students will use proposals, value judgments, observation statements, assumptions, and alternate-world assumptions in arguing contemporary issues of moral importance. With this basic moral logic, students will resolve issues in terms of rights, responsibilities, and the community of rational beings; in terms of consequences and contingencies; and in terms of habituated virtues and character. Free and unrestricted discourse will be encouraged so as to let students find common ground in diversity.
Prerequisites: ENGL 123.

HUMN 400  Science and Aviation/Aerospace Technology in Society  3 Credits (3,0)

Throughout history, science and technology have consistently transformed society. From medicine to communications to the arts and all points between, our culture is very much a society of science and technology. A systemic awareness of how science and technology both impact and are influenced by society is critical to function as a responsible professional in an increasingly complex world. This course will examine the interrelated roles that science and technology play in society, with a particular emphasis on aviation and aerospace.
Prerequisites: ENGL 123 and RSCH 202.