Aircraft Dispatcher Certification

For the student interested in airline flight operations management, Embry-Riddle offers a program to prepare the student for Aircraft Dispatcher certification testing. The FAA awards the Aircraft Dispatcher Airman Certificate to graduates of the approved program after the successful completion of a standardized written examination and a practical test.

Licensed dispatchers are employed by airlines to manage the ground-based tasks vital to a successful airline flight. Dispatchers share responsibility with the captain for preflight planning and preparation of the dispatch release, and they are included in the decision loop on equipment failures, weather variations, or traffic delays for monitoring the progress of the flight, issuing safety-of-flight information to the crew, and canceling or re-dispatching the flight.

To carry out these tasks properly, dispatchers must be knowledgeable in aircraft performance capabilities, meteorology, operating regulations, air traffic control, and instrument flight procedures. They must also be able to make sound decisions that incorporate the company’s economic and scheduling considerations.

Certification Requirements

The Aircraft Dispatcher Certification program preparation is based on the successful completion of the following courses and the applicable prerequisites.

AS 221Instrument Pilot Operations3
AS 310Aircraft Performance3
AS 321Commercial Pilot Operations3
or AS 350 Domestic and International Navigation
AS 410Airline Dispatch Operations *3
AT 202Introduction to Air Traffic Management3
WX 201Survey of Meteorology3
WX 301Aviation Weather3

AS 410 serves as the capstone course for the Aircraft Dispatcher program. Students cannot receive a signoff until they have completed and passed all required courses for the Aircraft Dispatcher Program. Students must be 21 years of age to take this examination.

This program is offered in the pursuit of a degree and not as separate training. To receive credit for any of the courses listed above toward the Aircraft Dispatcher certification program, the student must sign up in each required course, maintain a record of satisfactory attendance throughout each course, and obtain a grade of at least 70 percent. For more information, contact the Aeronautical Science Department.