B.S./M.S. in Aeronautics

Accelerated Master of Aeronautics

This program is for exceptional students who are committed to continuing their education through the Master's degree.  This fast-paced program allows qualifying students the opportunity to complete both the Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics (BSA) and the Master of Science in Aeronautics (MSA) in five academic years.

Students who are accepted in the BSA-MSA 4+1 program, will spend three academic years in undergraduate-level study and then, during their senior year, will be allowed to take up to three graduate-level courses from their select MSA specialization to replace an equal number of Professional Development elective courses in the BSA degree.  Before selecting the 3 courses to be taken, students must confer with an advisor to ensure that the courses selected are suitable and align with their selected MSA specialization (a grade of B or better must be achieved).  Upon completion of the BSA requirements the Bachelor of Science degree in Aeronautics will be conferred and students will be enrolled in the MSA degree.  In any graduate course taken by an undergraduate student, a grade of B or better must be earned.  If a grade of C or F is earned in any of the graduate courses taken in lieu of  the Professional Development elective courses in the BSA degree, the student will be removed from the MSA program and may continue to complete the BSA degree only.

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