M.S. in Aviation Finance (MSAF)

For additional information about the Master of Science in Aviation Finance, please refer to the College website.

This degree offering is for those students wishing to pursue a dedicated curriculum in the field of aviation finance. The courses in the program deliver the required knowledge of the business and operational aspects of the aviation / aerospace industry while presenting the needed classes in economics, accounting and financial practices and models used by firms not just in the aviation industry but business across the globe.

The target for the degree would be students who completed an undergraduate degree in business, accounting, finance or economics, or related transportation fields of study looking for a rewarding and challenging career in the aviation / aerospace industries.  Students from other majors may be accepted into the program, but would first need to successfully complete 15 hours of undergraduate classes in  economics, accounting,  finance and business statistics before commencing graduate level classes.  Furthermore, for entry into the program, besides needing to meet current ERAU graduate admission requirements, students would be required to take the GRE exam to complete entry requirements.

Embry-Riddle has partnered with ISTAT (International Society for Transport Aircraft Trading) foundation to offer the ISTAT U diploma in aircraft leasing and financing. Students pursuing the MSAF degree can complete the ISTAT diploma as part of the MSAF degree program. For further details please contact the MSAF program coordinator.

For Admissions criteria see, https://catalog.erau.edu/daytona-beach/admissions/masters/program-specific-criteria/.

 Required Core

BA 517Accounting for Decision Making3
BA 523Advanced Aviation Economics3
FIN 518Managerial Finance3
FIN 615Investments3
FIN 618Advanced Corporate Finance3
FIN 620Air Transport Economic Modeling3

Optional Electives (choose 4 courses)

BA 514Strategic Marketing Management in Aviation3
BA 609Airline Operations and Management3
FIN 621International Aviation Finance3
FIN 622Aircraft and Airline Financing3
FIN 623Aircraft Funding Legal and Financial Analysis3
FIN 624Aircraft Transaction and Risk Modeling3

Concluding Degree Requirement

FIN 699Special Topics in Finance1-6
or FIN 696 Graduate Internship in Finance
Total Credits Required33