Accelerated Electrical and Computer Engineering Option

Accelerated Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Exceptional students enrolled in an Engineering Bachelor of Science degree program are invited to pursue an Accelerated Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering degree program. In this option, up to nine hours of graduate coursework may be taken to fulfill undergraduate technical elective requirements and specified courses. These hours will count toward both the BS and MS degree requirements provided that the student is enrolled in the accelerated MS option and receives a "B" or better in the course. Students in this accelerated program must have a minimum of 120 hours of undergraduate credits in addition to any graduate credits to complete their undergraduate degree.  Graduate courses taken in satisfaction of this program must be selected from the list of approved courses, targeted substitutions, or by arrangement with the MSECE program coordinator.

Undergraduate students may apply to the accelerated MS option by submitting an application to the MSECE program coordinator. Students must have completed 88 credit hours toward the BS degree and must have a 3.2 minimum GPA to be admitted to the program. Students will be dropped from the program if their GPA falls below a 3.0.

The Bachelor of Science degree will be conferred upon completion of all bachelor’s degree requirements; the Master of Science degree will be conferred upon completion of all master’s degree requirements.

Students enrolled in the Accelerated Option should take courses from the core concentration for their focus (Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering). Where relevant to a field of study, courses from the list of electives may also be used. In all cases, students are encouraged to consult with their academic advisor and the MSECE program coordinator to determine appropriate course selection and mode of substitution. Below is a list of suggested courses:

CEC 500Engineering Project Management3
CEC 530Image Processing and Machine Vision3
EE 510Linear Systems3
EE 515Random Signals3
EE 525Avionics and Radio Navigation3
EE 620Digital Communications3
SYS 500Fundamentals of Systems Engineering3
SYS 505System Safety and Certification3

Note: Students declaring the accelerated MS option are required to choose electives from the above list, or targeted substitutions, to replace up to six hours of electives and required courses. All substitutions for non-elective courses must be approved by the MSECE program coordinator.