Accelerated Option for Aerospace Engineering

Accelerated Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering or Accelerated Master of Aerospace Engineering Option

For exceptional students enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering program, the Department offers the opportunity for students to pursue a Master’s degree, either MSAE (Thesis Option) or MAE (Non-Thesis Option). The goal of the program is to produce graduates who are prepared for further academic study at the doctoral level and/or prepare them for aerospace industry leadership positions. This program augments the student’s undergraduate technical electives with graduate-level courses to focus on future research.

In the Accelerated Aerospace Engineering option, six credits of graduate coursework are to be taken to fulfill the undergraduate technical electives requirements. These credits will count toward the BS and MS degree requirement provided the student maintains enrollment in the accelerated program and receives a "B" or better in the courses. For these graduate level courses taken for undergraduate technical elective credit one course must be selected from the student’s chosen MSAE/MAE Area of Concentration’s core course and the other must be a graduate level Mathematics course. These six credits will appear on the undergraduate transcript. These six credits will not be part of the master’s transcript until the time of graduation.

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering program may apply for admission into the accelerated program after they have completed their third year of AE courses. The application of Accelerated Bachelor/Master programs must be submitted to the Undergraduate Program Coordinator to verify the minimum requirement (CGPA of 3.0 or higher and a minimum CGPA of 3.2 in all AE/ES courses).  Once approved, this is forwarded to the Graduate Program Coordinator. Once accepted into the accelerated program, a CGPA of 3.0 or higher must be maintained, a CGPA of 3.2 or higher in undergraduate AE/ES courses must be maintained and a CGPA of 3.0 or higher in graduate courses must be maintained for continued enrollment.  Students will be dropped from the program if their CGPA falls below 3.0 or if they have not completed the MSAE/MAE degree requirements within two (2) years of finishing their undergraduate degree.

The Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering will be conferred upon completion of all bachelor’s degree requirements listed in this catalog.  The Master’s degree, either MSAE or MAE, will be conferred upon completion of all Master’s degree requirements listed in this Catalog.

Approved Area of Concentration Core Courses for the Accelerated Option

Aerodynamics and Propulsion

AE 504Advanced Compressible Flow3
AE 521Viscous Flow3
AE 528Advanced Incompressible Aerodynamics3

Dynamics and Control

AE/EP 505Spacecraft Dynamics and Control *3
AE 506Airplane Dynamic Stability *3
AE/ME 523Modeling and Simulation of Linear Dynamic Systems3
AE/EE/ME 527Modern Control Systems3

 A student can take either AE/EP 505 or AE 506, but not both for core course requirements.

Structures and Materials

AE 502Strength and Fatigue of Materials3
AE 514Introduction to the Finite Element Method3
AE 522Analysis of Aircraft Composite Materials3


MA 500 level or higher per Study Plan approved by Graduate Advisor.3