Accelerated Mechanical Engineering Option

Accelerated Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

For exceptional students enrolled in an engineering Bachelor of Science degree program, the Mechanical Engineering Department offers the opportunity to pursue a combined Master of Science degree program. In this option, up to nine (9) credit hours of graduate coursework may be taken to fulfill undergraduate technical elective requirements,advanced math elective or Professional development. These hours will count toward both the BS and MS degree requirements provided that the student is enrolled in the accelerated MS option and receives a B or better in the course. Graduate courses taken for technical elective credit must be selected from the list of Mechanical Systems Electives specified under the MSME degree program requirements.

Undergraduate students may apply to the accelerated MS option by submitting an application to the Mechanical Engineering Graduate Program Coordinator. Students must have completed 88 credit hours toward an engineering BS degree and must have a 3.0 minimum GPA to be admitted to the program. Students will be dropped from the program if their GPA falls below 3.0 or if they have not completed the MSME degree requirements within two years of finishing their undergraduate degree. BSME students in the accelerated MSME option can opt to replace the undergraduate requirement of CEME 396 (Coop Ed Mechanical Eng.) with ME 540 (Engineering Practicum).

The Bachelor of Science degree will be conferred upon completion of all bachelor’s degree requirements; the Master of Science degree will be conferred upon completion of all master’s degree requirements.

Technical electives must be chosen from the list of Mechanical Systems Electives specified by the MSME program, listed below.

Approved Courses for the Accelerated Option

CEC 510Digital Signal Processing3
EE 500Digital Control Systems3
EE 505Advanced Mechatronics3
ME 500Clean Energy Systems3
ME 501Modeling Methods in Mechanical Engineering3
ME 503Unmanned and Autonomous Vehicle Systems3
ME 506Design for Manufacturing and Assembly3
ME 508Hydrogen and Hybrid Vehicle Systems3
ME 510Micro-Electrical Mechanical Systems3
ME 520Sensor Processing with Applications3
ME 521HVAC Systems3
ME 522Mechanical System Design3
ME 523Modeling and Simulation of Linear Dynamic Systems3
ME 525Structural Design Optimization3
ME 527Modern Control Systems3
ME 540Mechanical Engineering Practicum3
ME 542Biofluid Mechanics3
ME 544Biomechanics3
ME 546Structural Crashworthiness and Impact Safety3
SYS 500Fundamentals of Systems Engineering3