Tuition and Fees

Residential Campus Tuition and Fees

Fall/Spring Tuition

Students registering for coursework during the spring or fall term totaling 12-16 credit hours are billed according to a “block tuition” rate. Registration for coursework equaling 1-11 credit hours is charged on a per-credit-hour basis. Students whose undergraduate course loads during fall or spring semesters are greater than 16 hours are charged the semester rate plus a per-credit-hour charge for those credit hours over 16.

A student with more than 27 CUM credit hours and a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher may register (with advisor written approval) for up to 18 credit hours, in a fall or spring semester, with no increase in tuition for hours over the block.

Courses taken in the Aviation Maintenance Science Department (AMS courses) are billed separately from other academic courses, and have a lower per-credit-hour tuition rate.

Summer tuition rates are determined solely by the number of credit hours per term. Each summer term is billed separately.

Detailed tuition rates are described in the current academic year financial insert at: http://daytonabeach.erau.edu/admissions/estimated-costs/index.html.

Hourly Flight Rates

Rates vary by type of aircraft or simulator. Please see the financial insert applicable to Daytona Beach campus for specific rates.

Payment for Flight Instruction

The University uses a cash-basis payment method for all flight instruction. Payment is required at the completion of each training session.

Unpaid flight training sessions will be charged to your student account on the 1st and 15th of each month. A Financial Hold may be placed on your student account and you may be suspended from future flight trainings until the activities are paid.

If you do not wish to use a credit card or do not have one, Flight Dollars gives you another option. Any combination of these payment methods may be used at any time.

Room and Board

Room and Board fees may be incurred each semester by students attending the Daytona Beach Campus and should be used when estimating the cost of attendance. Freshman and sophomore students may be required to live in University-managed housing and participate in the Embry-Riddle Dining Services meal program. A variety of meal plans are offered that may be supplemented with the Eagle Card to suit individual needs. Please refer to the campus financial brochure and/or Housing and Dining Services brochures for the appropriate campus for current options, requirements, and costs.

Mandatory Fees

The following fees are mandatory where applicable. Please see the financial insert at http://daytonabeach.erau.edu/admissions/estimated-costs/index.html.

  • Graduation fee
  • Student Government Association fee
  • Health service fee
  • International student insurance fee
  • International student service fee
  • Insurance
  • Orientation fee
  • Technology fee
  • Student facility fee

User Fees

Other fees apply for services that are not considered mandatory. Please see the financial insert at http://daytonabeach.erau.edu/admissions/estimated-costs/index.html.

Graduate internship tuition is based on the cost of one credit and charged for the semester of internship.

Refund Policy

Students who officially withdraw from all classes are eligible for partial refund of tuition. Spring and fall tuition refunds at the Daytona Beach Campus for reduction of hours are not available after the last day of add/drop. Summer term refunds are calculated on a per-course basis. During all terms the effective date of the withdrawal, as determined by the Records Office, governs refund computations (see the Academic Calendar). Students who are suspended for disciplinary reasons will not be eligible for a full or percentage refund. Please reference the Withdrawal/Refund Schedule applicable to the Daytona Beach Campus.

The following are refundable according to the Withdrawal/Refund Schedules:

  • Tuition
  • Student Government Association fees
  • Housing fees (less housing processing fee)
  • International student service fee
  • Health service fee
  • Technology fee
  • Student facility fee
  • Meal plans – unused balance at time of withdrawal

University Withdrawal/Refund Schedule

Fall/Spring Semesters

Period I Class days 1-5 100%
Period II Class days 6-10 80%
Period III Class days 11-15 60%
Period IV Class days 16-20 40%
Period V Class days 21-25 20%
Period VI Class days 26 and after 0%

Summer A/B terms

Period I Class days 1-3 100%
Period II Class days 4-6 80%
Period III Class days 7-9 60%
Period IV Class days 10-12 40%
Period V Class days 13-15 20%
Period VI Class days 16 and after 0%

A Petition for Refund due to circumstances clearly beyond the student’s control, such as illness or required military service, must be in writing and must be accompanied by appropriate documentation, such as a physician’s statement or military orders.

ERNIE>Services>Student Financial Services>Student Financial Services Daytona>Forms>Petition for Refund

The Petition for Refund must be submitted within 60 days of the date that the student completed a change of registration. Refund petition requests will normally be processed within 20 business days. Personal appeals for denied requests must contain additional documentation not previously presented.

Housing Contracts

Students who have housing contracts must contact the Housing and Residence Life Office to release their obligation. Any refunds will be determined at that time. All housing deposits will remain on account until the housing contract expires. The Housing and Residence Life Office will authorize release of the deposit to the student account.