The cybersecurity program (15 credits, 5 courses) is open to all majors and explores the many approaches and meanings of this field that is fast becoming central to our nation’s security.  As we see every day in the press, cybersecurity can be used for offensive or defensive purposes.  The approaches to defending critical infrastructures such as the energy grid, financial systems, the healthcare system, or agriculture, etc, can be either proactive (e.g., installing a firewall to detect and prevent attacks) or reactive (e.g., responding to an event).  This program will introduce students to cybersecurity operations (e.g., day-to-day duties, actions, and responsibilities), governance (e.g., law, policy, and analysis), and education and training.

HS 235Computer and Network Technologies3
HS 335Information Security Tools and Techniques3
HS 365Introduction to Digital Forensics3
HS 465Cybercrime and Cyberlaw3
HS 485War, Terrorism and Diplomacy in Cyberspace3
Total Credits15