Students may earn a minor in Humanities by successfully completing 18 hours. Within those 18 hours, students must select two courses from the HU 140-146 series for a subtotal of 6 credits.

Additionally, students must complete four courses selected from the list below for a subtotal of 12 credits. Note that at least one course from the following must be completed: HU 300, HU 305, and/or HU 310.

Select two of the following:6
Western Humanities I: Antiquity and the Middle Ages
Western Humanities II: Renaissance to Postmodern
Studies in Literature
Introduction to Rhetoric
Studies in Art
Themes in the Humanities
Music Appreciation and Criticism
Select four of the following:12
World Literature
Contemporary Issues in Science
Modern Literature
American Literature
Exploring Film
Values and Ethics
Technology and Modern Civilization
Traversing the Borders: Interdisciplinary Explorations
World Philosophy
Comparative Religions
Creative Writing
Total Credits18

HU 395/HU 495 and HU 399/HU 499 may be included in the minor with advance permission of the department chair.