International Relations

The minor in International Relations gives students exposure to foreign cultures and an understanding of the complex interactions between the United States and the world. The minor benefits students by preparing them to pursue careers in the global workplace or government, or to pursue graduate work in a variety of fields, including history and business.

Students may earn a minor in International Relations by successfully completing 15 credit hours composed of one course of lower-level Social Sciences option, the required keystone course, and 9 credits chosen from specified electives, as seen below.

Select one of the following:3
An Economic Survey
World History
U.S. History
History of Aviation in America
Introduction to Middle East Mediterranean World
Required Keystone Course
SS 115Introduction to International Relations3
Specified Electives
Select three of the following:9
International Business
U.S Military History 1775-1900
U.S. Military History 1900-Present
Modern Russian History
Topics in U.S. History
International Studies
Russian-U.S. Relations
History of U.S. Intelligence
Current Issues in America
U.S. - Asian Relations
Contemporary Africa and the World
The Modern Middle East in World Affairs
Globalization and World Politics
Modern U.S. Foreign Policy
Early U.S. Foreign Policy
Inter-American Relations
Total Credits15