Human Factors (HFS)

Human Factors Courses

HFS 705  Small N Designs and Non-Parametric Analysis  3 Credits

This course uses applications of research evidence-based practices that address practical problems experienced by individuals across a variety of human factors and industrial settings. Topics covered include behavioral assessment techniques, graphing data, single subject and small ?n? experimental designs with interventions. It will introduce students to a natural science approach to designing, conducting, and critically evaluating research applications of the experimental analysis of behavior. The course differs from other research methods courses (e.g., those involving simply qualitative methods or group designs) with its focus on objective, repeated measurement and analysis of performance at the level of the individual.

HFS 710  Current Topics in Human Factors  3 Credits

This seminar style class provides Ph.D. students opportunities to review the present and future trends in human factors research. The scope of the coverage includes all areas of human factors, with special concentration on aviation human factors, human error, medical human factors and design of complex systems. Through weekly discussions with different faculty members, the students will have the opportunities to learn about the research of different faculty members, methods and approaches applied in the human factors research and get involved with faculty research projects.

HFS 799  Special Topics in Human Factors  1-6 Credit

Guided independent study of selected topics not offered in regularly scheduled classes. Arrangements and work requirements established by prior agreement of instructor and students.

HFS 800  Dissertation  3-9 Credit

An oral defense and written description of a Ph.D. level research project are required to pass this course. The topic of the research must be approved and supervised by the student?s faculty advisor and Ph.D. committee.