Student Grievance Procedure

It is the policy of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University to administer its educational programs in a fair, equitable, academically sound manner and in accordance with the appropriate regulations and criteria of its governing board, accrediting associations, and federal and state laws and regulations. Students are provided an opportunity to express any complaint, grievance or dispute that upon investigation may be remedied.

The Dean of Students' office will provide advice and guidance to students who present with grievances or complaints, whether personal or academically related. Appeals concerning previously assigned grades are specifically processed through the academic administrative chain, beginning with the course instructor (See Grade Appeal Process – Student Handbook). The Dean of Students' office will provide general guidance on the Grade Appeal process and other academically related issues.

Students are first encouraged to address their grievance, whether personal or academic, directly with the appropriate faculty/staff member with responsibility concerning the issue. This is considered an “Informal” process and is meant to empower the student to confront the source of their concern, as well as minimize the length of time involved in achieving a resolution. If no agreement is reached, students may choose to put their grievance in writing directly to the next appropriate department head or director with responsibility for the area of concern or may seek assistance from the Dean of Students' office to file and process a formal written grievance. Any student, at any time may choose to file a formal written grievance with the Dean of Students' office. The Dean of Students' office will follow the following Formal Process:

  • The Dean of Students' or his/her designee will meet with the student to discuss options.
  • Students who wish to file a written grievance or complaint will be requested to submit a report via electronic means, if possible. Students are encouraged to include details, specific information, and a complete description of the issue of contention.
  • The written complaint will be electronically filed in the Student Conduct Data Management System for record keeping purposes. A copy of the report will be forwarded with High Importance notation to the appropriate Department Chair, Director or College Dean as appropriate, along with a request for review and follow up.
  • Students will be encouraged to follow up with the Dean of Students' office regarding the status of their grievance and/or to seek guidance regarding any next phases in the process.
  • The Dean of Students' office will keep a record of all correspondence regarding student grievance cases, up to and including resolution.

In the event that a student wishes to file a grievance or complaint against another student, the ERAU student Honor Code and applicable judicial procedures may be applied (See Honor Code Judicial Process – Student Handbook).

When it is appropriate, the Dean of Students' office offers formal mediation services for dispute resolution. Mediation may take place in lieu of judicial Honor Code proceedings, but requires commitment on the part of both parties that the process and the outcome are formal and result in a binding contract.