Information Technology (IT)


IT 210  Web Page Authoring and Design  3 Credits (3,0)

This course will address the organization of the Internet, addressing, routing, DNS, and use of Internet applications. It will review such applications as FTP, telnet, and advanced Web searching methodology. This course covers Web page authoring and design techniques using both HTML and WYSIWYG authoring software. Students will study, create, and refine Web pages online as well as create Web graphics. Lastly, legal and ethical issues related to the Internet and emerging technologies are discussed.
Prerequisites: BA 120 or BA 230 or CS 120 or CS 223.

IT 220  Introduction to Networking  3 Credits

Introduction to networking covers each of the seven layers of the OSI reference model, MAC and IP addressing, identification of IP class addressing schemes including subnet masks, network wiring standards, and TCP/IP network layer protocols.
Prerequisites: BA 120 or BA 230 or CS 120.

IT 310  Web Site Management  3 Credits

The course addresses effective Web site design including page layout, user interface design, graphic design, content flow, and site structure. Additionally, students will learn the optimal use of keywords and search engine positioning to maximize page exposure. Web site management including security and Intranet management will be discussed. The use of design standards and templates will teach students to emphasize site consistency. Students will design and create a major Web site with multiple pages and cross-linked structure.
Prerequisites: IT 210.

IT 320  Network Configurations  3 Credits

Introduces the four router elements, configuration vehicles, user and privileged mode commands, configuring IP addresses, and monitoring/troubleshooting of router functions. More advanced topics include LAN switching theory, VLANs, LAN switched design, Novell IPX, and threaded case studies
Prerequisites: IT 220.

IT 330  Programming for the Web  3 Credits

This course introduces programming the Common Gateway Interface for Web pages using scripting languages. The emphasis is on the fundamentals of programming and creating interfaces to handle HTML form data. Students will create basic scripting programs with Web interfaces, learn to adapt existing code, and process data flows from online forms with basic database structures.
Prerequisites: CS 223 or CS 118 or IT 210.

IT 340  WAN Theory and Design  3 Credits

WAN theory and design covers WAN technology, PPP, frame relay, and ISDN. It further discusses network troubleshooting, national SCANS skills, and threaded case studies.
Prerequisites: IT 320.