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ASCI 622 : Corporate Aviation Operations

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College of Aeronautics (WAERO)
Corporate Aviation Operations
The establishment and operation of a corporate flight department is examined along with the procedures and techniques generally accepted as standards by professional corporate flight operations. Included is a practical view of the corporate aviation mission of management mobility and use of the resources available to accomplish it.

This course is designed to give the student in-depth comprehension of corporate aviation and its contribution to industrial management and the various techniques employed to maximize utilization of corporate aircraft as a management tool. The student will be able to evaluate current and future corporate aircraft and equipment in terms of specific organizational needs. The student will have a thorough understanding of the terminology, concepts, and capabilities of corporate aviation operations, be prepared for more advanced study, and be able to apply the learned subject matter to a working environment.

Upon course completion, students will be able to:

1. Identify and correlate the history and current climate for corporate aviation operations.

2. Differentiate and analyze the varying aspects of corporate aviation as it pertains to purchasing, financing, evaluating commercial charters, insurance, safety, time-sharing, non-business use of corporate aircraft, and the types of employees in a corporate aviation department.

3. Compare and contrast the issues and reasons for establishing a sound training program for all employees within a corporate aviation department to include Error Management Crew Resource Management (EMCRM), safety, and accident/mishap prevention.

4. Evaluate and draw conclusions from the factors concerning the lease, buy, or charter options into the planning process.

5. Evaluate and choose the key facets of flight operations and the maintenance department including qualifications and duties of personnel assigned.

6. Identify and choose the types or corporate aircraft available, evaluate their characteristics, and select the type best suited for a specific organization or a corporate aviation department.

7. Identify and breakdown the government regulations and environmental restraints under which the aviation department must operate both domestically and internationally.

8. Demonstrate the ability to locate, retrieve, and access corporate aviation materials from the Hunt Library to include books, journals, electronic databases, Web-based information, and video/audio collections.

Upon course completion, students will be able to:

9. Demonstrate appropriate selection and application of a research method and statistical analysis (where required), specific to the course subject matter (effective July 1, 2013).

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