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HUMN 142 : Studies in Literature

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College of Arts & Sciences (WARSC)
Studies in Literature
This course emphasizes writing, reading and appreciation skills. Reading materials include selected novels, poems and plays.

This course is designed to strengthen students' reading, writing, and discussion skills, to increase their knowledge and enjoyment of literature, and to sharpen their critical judgment.

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

1. Explain the fine distinction between subject and theme or author and voice.

2. Explain in writing how such elements as symbolism, point of view, irony, tone, setting establish the work's possible or multiple meanings.

3. Create interpretations of the text (in writing) and to evaluate these interpretations by considering how the assumptions they bring to the text interact with the assumptions of the text.

4. Explain in writing how the words of the text control and shape their own interpretations thus preventing a fall into total subjectivity.

5. Revise their original interpretations of the text after considering peer reviews/teacher reviews of their papers.6. Utilize the MLA documentation system for their research papers and develop the skills needed for critical analysis papers.

7. Communicate in writing with minimal spelling and grammar errors.

8. Recognize through their reading of literature from many cultures over many centuries the complexity and diversity of the human experience, including cultural, aesthetic, psychological, philosophical, and spiritual dimensions.

9. Through their reading of literature understand some vital contemporary issues in society by recognizing some of the universal problems and themes depicted by writers over the ages.

Located on the Daytona Beach Campus, the Jack R. Hunt Library is the primary library for all students of the Worldwide Campus. The Chief Academic Officer strongly recommends that every faculty member, where appropriate, require all students in his or her classes to access the Hunt Library or a comparable college-level local library for research. The results of this research can be used for class projects such as research papers, group discussion, or individual presentations. Students should feel comfortable with using the resources of the library. 

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Written assignments must be formatted in accordance with the current edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) unless otherwise instructed in individual assignments.

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Debra Bourdeau, Ph.D. - 3/31/2015
Kara Fontenot - 3/31/2015
Theresa Maue, Ph.D. - 3/31/2015
Dr. James Schultz – 3/31/2015
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