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MATH 112 : College Mathematics for Aviation II

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College of Arts & Sciences (WARSC)
College Mathematics for Aviation II
This course presents basic calculus, designed for the student of aviation. Topics include differentiation and integration of algebraic functions; applications to velocity, acceleration, area, curve sketching, and computation of extreme values.

The course is designed to provide the Aeronautical Science, Aircraft Maintenance and Professional Aeronautics student with an understanding of basic differential and integral calculus as a mathematics foundation for further work in their degree program. It is also intended that the student gain insight into some of the problem-solving techniques used in modern science and technology.

1. Identify basic functions from their graphs and evaluate limits from graphs and from algebraic expressions.

2. Find the derivative of a product, a quotient a composite and an implicit function.

3. Use the derivative to find tangent lines and interpret tangent slope as a rate of change. Apply rate-of-change concepts to problems involving straight line motion.

4. Use calculus to solve applied optimization problems.

5. Analyze graphs of polynomial functions using the derivative as a tool.

6. Find the anti-derivative of a function. Use these techniques to manipulate indefinite integrals.

7. Compute the area under a curve using approximate and exact methods. Interpret area for various functions arising in the field of Aeronautical Science.

8. Using integration, derive the equations of motion. Given initial conditions, find velocity and displacement equations.

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