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RSCH 202 : Introduction to Research Methods

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College of Arts & Sciences (WARSC)
Introduction to Research Methods
This course is a general introduction to research intended to equip first and second year undergraduate students with the skills needed in their studies. Topics covered include the purposes of research, defining research and research problems, defining a hypothesis, problem solving and knowledge discovery, methods of quantitative and qualitative research, conducting literature reviews, designing appropriate methodologies, evaluating outcomes, analysis and communicating the results.

This course gives students a thorough introduction to research processes and techniques, equips them to learn other techniques and do research in future courses and their professional lives, and provides them with the knowledge to evaluate research done by others.

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

1. Define and/or articulate a research problem;

2. Design a course of action to solve a research problem using, as appropriate, multidisciplinary approaches;

3. Apply ethical principles in research;

4. Conduct research independently and/or collaboratively;

5. Reach decisions or conclusions based on the analysis and synthesis of evidence;

6. Communicate research results.

Located on the Daytona Beach Campus, the Jack R. Hunt Library is the primary library for all students of the Worldwide Campus. The Chief Academic Officer strongly recommends that every faculty member, where appropriate, require all students in his or her classes to access the Hunt Library or a comparable college-level local library for research. The results of this research can be used for class projects such as research papers, group discussion, or individual presentations. Students should feel comfortable with using the resources of the library. 

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Library Phone:  (386) 226-7656 or (800) 678-9428

Written assignments must be formatted in accordance with the current edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) unless otherwise instructed in individual assignments.

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70 - 79% C
0 - 69% F
Donna L. Roberts, Ph.D. - 3/31/2015
Johnelle Korioth, Ph.D. - 3/31/2015
Johnelle Korioth, Ph.D. - 3/31/2015
Dr. James Schultz – 3/31/2015
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