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BSAB 425 : Trends and Current Problems in Air Transportation

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Trends and Current Problems in Air Transportation
An analysis of selected contemporary issues, problems, and trends facing management in various segments of the aviation industry, including general aviation and the airlines, will be covered. Students apply previously learned concepts to practical problems to develop increased understanding and demonstrate knowledge of the subject.

The objectives of the seminar course are:

1. To present an insight into trends, issues and unresolved problems in air transportation.

2. To develop a systematic analysis of contemporary problems.

3. To seek possible solutions and opportunities to introduce them into the system. The student completing this seminar should be able to identify possible problems in air transportation and select, after careful analysis, the managerial strategies necessary to implement preventive or corrective action.

Upon course completion, students will be able to:

1. Identify the role played by the regulators in the aviation environment.

2. Recognize the problems faced by the airline operators.

3. Analyze environmental situations involving consumers' perceived performance of the aviation industry.

4. Evaluate the performance of airline personnel in dealing with consumers.

5. Examine the consequences of future mergers and consolidations of aviation firms.

6. Discuss the implications of the merging of international carriers into global carriers.

7. Evaluate the current and future state of commercial air carriers, regional and commuter carriers, and general aviation.

8. Research the role of information technology and its benefits to the airline operators.

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