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MGMT 221 : Introduction to Management Information Systems

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College of Business (WBUAD)
Introduction to Management Information Systems
The course integrates topics of management and organization theory, information and communication theory, information security, and systems theory. Special attention is given to computer hardware and software, telecommunications, database concepts, and e-commerce and Internet based business models.

The course is designed to provide students with the fundamentals associated with the management of information technology as an essential tool for conducting business in an increasingly global economy. The course provides an overview of Information Systems and the conceptual foundations underlying the design, control, security, and operation of computer-based systems used by business.

Upon course completion, students should be able to:

1. Demonstrate understanding of the fundamentals and components of Information Systems and how they support business organizations.

2. Describe how Information Systems can be applied to give organizations competitive advantages.

3. Differentiate hardware, software, data, and telecommunications and networks types, components, and concepts.

4. Discuss the technical foundation of Data Base Management and how to manage data resources.

5. Explain how Information Systems enables e-business and e-commerce.

6. Explain the decision support systems concept and how it differs from traditional management information systems.

7. Recognize how to use each of the steps of the Information System Development Cycle to develop and implement a business information system.

8. Identify the goals and objectives of Information Systems security management, and describe basic Information Systems security-related threats and strategies for protecting against them.

9. Recognize ethical issues related to the use of Information Systems.

10. Illustrate the importance of global Information Technology (IT) management in today’s business environment.

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