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College of Business (WBUAD)
This course centers on marketing theory, marketing management, sales management, and market research. In addition, public and customer relations, advertising, and distribution will be explored.

This course is designed to provide the student with an overview of the entire marketing process and the contributions marketing management makes to the firm.

Upon course completion, students will be able to:

1. Understand the importance of marketing and how it affects the global economy.

2. Describe the relationship between a firm's mission, objectives, and tactics, and the marketing manager's role in these planning areas.

3. Explain these marketing concepts: Product life cycle; marketing research process; consumer behavior model; segmentation process; vertical marketing systems; and strategies for global marketing.

4. Identify and explain the four components of the marketing mix for both the consumer market and the industrial market.

5. Discriminate the relationship between, sales, profit, price and inventory of a global organization.

6. Apply knowledge of basic marketing principles to successfully complete a real world simulation.

7. Understand, discuss, and apply the concept of SWOT analysis in the aviation/aerospace industry and marketing careers.

8. Understand customer relationship management, and identify strategies for creating value for customers and capturing value from customers in return.

9. Apply marketing analytical techniques (functionalism, consumer behavior, competition among sellers, etc.) to particular problems of marketing management.

10. Apply analytical reasoning for designated marketing math problems.

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