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MGMT 332 : Corporate Finance I

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College of Business (WBUAD)
Corporate Finance I
Students will learn about the finance function as used by management, including financial analysis and control; financial planning; short, intermediate, and long-term financing; and the theory of cost of capital and leverage in planning financial strategies. Aviation-related businesses are emphasized.

This course is designed to provide the student with an exposition of the finance function, its scope and purpose, tools, and techniques available to the financial manager, and methods of measuring financial performance. The course is a survey of finance and serves as the foundation for further study in the field.

Upon course completion, students will be able to:

1. Discuss the goals of financial management and the environment in which the business firm operates, which include an understanding of the functions of financial markets.

2. Evaluate and analyze financial transactions, statements and ratios.

3. Identify, explain and analyze the various components of interest.

4. Evaluate and discuss the implications of the time value of money.

5. Demonstrate the ability to utilize valuation models to evaluate the value of stocks and bonds.

6. Plan and determine the investing decisions of the firm using capital budgeting.

7. Plan and determine the financing decisions, both long term and short-term, using the theory of cost of capital, leverage, capital structure, and dividend policy.

8. Demonstrate the ability to use spreadsheets and other computer software in the financial decision making process.

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