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MGMT 333 : Personal Financial Planning

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College of Business (WBUAD)
Personal Financial Planning
The nature of the personal financial planning process is examined. Areas of concentration include taxes, investments, purchase of housing/auto, insurance needs and analysis, use of credit, and retirement and estate planning. Students will develop a personal financial plan and will invest in a $500,000 portfolio of securities.

This course is designed for the student to learn to: Make rational decisions concerning personal spending, investments, and long-term financial goals; be capable of handling own income tax decisions and reports; use credit wisely; analyze housing/auto purchases; have working knowledge of securities investments; analyze insurance needs and products; develop a lifetime personal financial plan that includes retirement and estate planning.

Upon course completion, students will be able to:

1. Demonstrate the capability of making rational decisions concerning personal spending, savings, and use of credit.

2. Calculate the effect of the time value of money on investment decisions.

3. Create a "Plan for Wealth" with goals, timetables, and investment options.

4. Research, collect, and analyze data and submit reports that reflect rational choices about: buying or renting housing, and buying or leasing an auto or other vehicle.

5. Demonstrate the capability of analyzing personal insurance needs and evaluating commercial products to fit those needs.

6. Apply the fundamentals of long-term investing by developing a portfolio of possible investments.

7. Develop an estate plan.

8. Demonstrate the ability to use spreadsheets and other computer software in the personal financial planning process.

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