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MBAA 514 : Strategic Marketing Management in Aviation

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Strategic Marketing Management in Aviation
The traditional role of marketing management is enlarged to include the development, implementation, and control of marketing strategies in the dynamic aviation/aerospace organization. Emphasis is on the application of the strategic marketing process in the turbulent global aviation business environment. Strategic marketing decisions, analysis, and issues are integrated with the goal of achieving customer satisfaction to gain a sustainable competitive advantage within the aviation industry.

This is a required course for the Masters of Business Administration in Aviation (MBAA) degree program. The course is designed to provide the student with an overview of marketing and marketing strategies in the planning and operation of the organization.

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

1. Explain the marketing concept and its relationship to competitive environment. Specially, understand the unique marketing features within the aviation/aerospace industry.

2. Define and analyze "Strategic Business Unit" and develop a marketing strategy using established techniques.

3. Define and analyze the core activities that make up corporate strategic planning.

4. Define and analyze the major steps in the marketing process. Be able to apply these major steps to the aviation/aerospace industry.

5. Analyze the competitive marketing environment in which organizations operate identifying opportunities and threats.

6. Illustrate the process of implementing the vision and strategy of a new business.

7. Analyze the buying-decision process and organizational buying behavior for aviation and aerospace products and services.

8. Discuss the process used by marketing management to identify and measure target markets and the building of unique market mixes for each identified market.

9. Analyze marketing strategies by using "differentiation" and "positioning."

10. Analyze each stage in the product life cycle and apply the appropriate strategy to each stage of the product life cycle.

11. Analyze the marketing of a service product.

12. State four specific pricing objectives used in the industrial market and synthesize the objectives to develop pricing strategies to carry out each of the identified objectives.

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