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MBAA 517 : Managerial Accounting for Decision Making

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College of Business (WBUAD)
Managerial Accounting for Decision Making
Financial control procedures for a systems approach to program management are presented. Cost elements in manufacturing, research and development, logistic and support services are explored. Included will be the introduction of fixed and variable costs; computing and using overhead; process and job order costing methods; preparation of income statements in the contribution format; ratio analysis; profit planning and its relationship to cost; budget and overhead analysis; pricing, capital budgeting and investment decisions.

Upon completion of the course the student will understand that managerial accounting exists within a business primarily to facilitate the development and implementation of operations business financial strategies. With this knowledge, the student will understand that business financial management is a continuous cycling process of (1) formulating financial strategies, (2) communicating those financial strategies to the appropriate parts of the organization, (3) developing and carrying out tactics to implement the financial strategies and (4) developing and implementing controls to monitor the success of the implementation steps and the ability to successfully meet the business' financial strategic objectives within an aviation setting.

Upon course completion, the student will be able to:

1. Evaluate, calculate, and apply managerial accounting terms and concepts.

2. Evaluate, calculate, and apply cost, volume, profit analysis.

3. Analyze and classify the structure, contents, and then assemble a cash or flexible budget.

4. Evaluate, calculate, and apply absorption costing and variable costing.

5. Evaluate, calculate, and apply investment alternatives using net present value or the internal rate of return.

6. Analyze, calculate, and apply mixed costs.

7. Demonstrate appropriate and effective research skills in managerial accounting (for example, relevant costs, activity based costing, standard costs, and job order costing) and be able to communicate the results (written in APA format/oral) in this course.

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