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MBAA 604 : International Business Administration

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College of Business (WBUAD)
International Business Administration
This course addresses international business through the examination of major issues challenging those managers operating in the international business environment. Ways to enter foreign markets and the forces work for and against that entry are examined. Financial issues, to include foreign currency exchange, hedging techniques, and the International Monetary Fund are examined. Structuring organizations within the economy are analyzed. Human resources issues are also examined, to include culture, the labor force, communications, effective teamwork, and ethics. Strategic planning is reviewed in terms of the various components that contribute to the successful conduct international business. Trade theory, tariffs, the theory of absolute and comparative advantage, and trade barriers, are also discussed and examined in terms of global operations.

Upon completion of this course students will have a better understanding of those trends and issues facing managers operating in the internal business environment. Students will be introduced to the various business concerns of entering foreign markets and dealing with the various aspects of trade as it relates to international business. Students will be prepared to deal with the challenges of communicating, finance, human resource, and managing business operations across borders and cultures. Students will understand the various aspects of designing international business organizations and the strategic planning which considers all aspects of international business operations.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

1. Define international business and summarize the key factors influencing the environment in which an international or global manager must operate.

2. Evaluate the international monetary environment to include currency exchange risk and hedging techniques.

3. Analyze how business ethics and corporate social responsibility are affecting the international business environment.

4. Analyze techniques used to design and develop organizational structures for an international business.

5. Evaluate organizational change and the strategic planning process as they affect international businesses.

6. Evaluate human resource strategies as they apply to international businesses.

7. Evaluate regional and economic integration in terms of how this might affect a business operating in the international business environment.

8. Evaluate the group process and how it may influence decision making in the international business environment.

9. Demonstrate appropriate and effective research skills in international business (for example, trade theory, international monetary issues, and strategic planning) and be able to communicate the results (written in APA format/oral) in this course.

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