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MGMT 671 : Entrepreneurship and Leadership

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College of Business (WBUAD)
Entrepreneurship and Leadership
In this course, students explore the roles and interrelationships of leadership and entrepreneurship in successful enterprises in a global environment. The primary focus is on analyzing the leadership skills and entrepreneurship that enhance organizational success. Topics to be explored are the approaches and models of leadership, entrepreneurship, organization change, implementing an entrepreneurial strategy inside existing organizations, product innovation and technology, and developing new ventures. In addition, students gain insight to the important elements required for a supportive environment needed to sustain the corporate entrepreneurship process. Lastly, the entrepreneurship orientation of organizations for the future is discussed.

This course is designed to: provide the student with an opportunity to enhance his/her understanding of leadership and entrepreneurship; understand methods to motivate personnel, systematically analyze organizational problems, apply leadership skills methods, create an organization vision and strategic direction, leading change, and create an entrepreneurial corporate environment.

Upon course completion, successful students will:

1. Gain an understanding of leadership and how it differs from management.

2. Survey the different research perspectives on leadership.

3. Develop a personal profile of leadership.

4. Understand the theories of motivation and how they apply to organizations.

5. Comprehend the personal qualities of effective team leadership.

6. Analyze the leadership and entrepreneurship skills that enhance organizational success.

7. Describe the process of developing an organizational vision and strategic plan.

8. Comprehend the process of organizational change.

9. Analyze the pertinent elements needed to implement an entrepreneurial strategy inside existing organizations.

10. Analyze the leadership and entrepreneurship skills that enhance organization success.

11. Comprehend implementing a corporate entrepreneurship program.

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