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MGMT 672 : Planning and Execution of Strategy

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College of Business (WBUAD)
Planning and Execution of Strategy
In this course, the student addresses the integration of all management aspects of business with the cultural, ethical, and regulatory environments to form comprehensive, workable strategies for success. Multinational and international factors and differences related to enterprise success are emphasized.

This is a required course in the General Management Specialization of the Master of Science in Management. The goal of the course is to increase and enhance the student’s knowledge of the various strategies employed by organizations and their leadership to position their entities to maximize their competitive advantage in the marketplace. The student will develop an in depth understanding and appreciation of the various drivers of strategy in business organizations.

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

1. Know the concepts of strategic management and leadership and their importance in business.

2. Define the concept of competitive advantage as applied to the business environment and reflected in business strategy.

3. Describe the external business environment and know how to assess it.

4. Indentify the internal context of strategy and how a firm measures and leverages its internal resources, capabilities and value chain.

5. Comprehend various generic business strategies and the drivers of strategic and competitive positioning.

6. Identify business strategies for dynamic contexts.

7. Comprehend the rationale for corporate strategy and how corporate strategy creates competitive advantage.

8. Comprehend global corporate strategy as a strategic option.

9. Understand strategies designed to leverage business alliances and mergers and acquisitions.

10. Comprehend how organizational structure, systems and processes interface with corporate strategy.

11. Understand the role of corporate culture in business strategy, to include the importance of learning organizations.

12. Understand the strategic importance of corporate governance and the relationship between solid, principled corporate leadership and enduring success.

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