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MISA 506 : Cyber Law, Cyber Compliance, and Information Assurance

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Cyber Law, Cyber Compliance, and Information Assurance
Virtually every aspect of the way in which organizations collect, generate, use, modify and dispose of information as a part of their daily operations is quite likely the subject of laws, regulations, government policies, or other aspects of modern society. As governments continuously reset the balance between protecting the rights and needs of the individual citizen, vs. the need for business and government to get things done in cost-effective ways, these laws and regulations place dynamic, evolving functional requirements demands on the information systems that organizations must use. This course examines the many different regulatory regimes levied upon organizations by the marketplaces they operate in -- and guides the student in identifying key management considerations that should drive information systems design and operational use. One key fundamental concept emerges: information assurance, in assuring management that all of these compliance issues are effectively dealt with, is in and of itself a risk management decision. Prerequisites: MISA 501 and MISA 502

This course is designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of Cyber Law as stated in legislation, regulatory guidance and emerging case law. Government policy formulation related to information assurance will be discussed, as will foundations and recent developments various industry-specific regulatory environments. Students will explore the challenges in setting internal cyber security policy that remains consistent with legal and regulatory requirements while considering potential adverse effects on business practices and functional processes. Management’s legal responsibilities for reasonable system maintenance will be explored in light of recent case outcomes. E-Discovery and forensics will be considered in the context of civil and criminal legal environments.

Understand how the enterprise-wide, interdisciplinary nature of information security programs must comply and align with legal and regulatory requirements. Respond to changes in the legal and regulatory landscape to effect changes to systems and architectures. Discuss the interaction between internal governance functions and external legal and regulatory regimes with respect to setting internal security policy. Understand how the risks created or changed by new technology introduction must be considered from legal and regulatory perspectives. Discuss organizational challenges to enforcing internal policy and legal compliance. Understand key elements of regulatory requirements pertaining to information safeguarding. Analyze articles and case studies of actual legal proceedings related to information safeguarding.

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Wendi Kappers - 2/24/2015
Aaron Glassman - 2/24/2015
Dr. Bobby McMasters - 2/24/2015
1-5 Master of Science in Information Security and Assurance . Understand the interdisciplinary aspects (technical, business, management, and policy) of information assurance and information systems and organizational security.
2. Assess and manage the identification of and response to the changing nature of the information risks and information security challenges that increasingly complex, distributed organizations face.
3. Establish governance policies and management mechanisms necessary to develop, acquire, and operate sustainable, cost-effective secure information infrastructures.
4. Integrate various ethical, legal, technological and professional perspectives, both local and global, along with data protection and information assurance perspectives, throughout the various MIS decision making and managerial and leadership processes.
5. Manage and direct the development and operational use of information security and assurance procedures, policies and technologies throughout the organization.
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