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MISA 541 : International Considerations for Information Assurance and Protection

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International Considerations for Information Assurance and Protection
Globalization of information resources within enterprises and across the world via the Internet increases systems complexity, including the distribution of system users, data, and architecture across national boundaries. Increasing global distribution of information presents substantial assurance challenges. The resulting information systems environment is multi-national, and therefore under the scope of multiple political and legal jurisdictions, may support users from numerous national and organizational cultures, and may be subject to a wide variety of threats to local users and system components. Management is faced with significant obstacles to ensuring physical and cyber security of systems resources and the protection of information assets in an environment of sometimes limited transparency. Recognition of emerging risks and appropriate enterprise response across a global environment has become a functional requirement for organizations of all sizes that seek to build the most efficient and effective information systems regardless of the physical location of people, processes, and computing resources. Prerequisites: MISA 501 and MISA 502

This course provides methods and approaches to identify and analyze information assurance concerns where users and components are dispersed across multiple nations. The course will provide the basis for understanding threats and vulnerabilities that result from internationalization of architecture and present strategies for risk management to address the unique challenges in protecting information in widely distributed systems, detecting and responding to security events, and establishment of global governance policies that communicate management and control objectives to diverse audiences. It explores the interaction between various components of global organizations as well as their obligation to and functional interaction with local authorities. Legal, social, and policy dimensions of global information assurance programs are explored.

Explain the social, economic, and technical forces surrounding the globalization of information systems. Understand global variances in information assurance practices as related to the global legal and regulatory framework for information assurance and privacy. Understand the complexities of access control, investigations, and security operations across multiple jurisdictions. Develop global governance policies for information assurance. Explain global variances in the cultural dimensions of the information society.

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Aaron Glassman - 2/25/2015
Dr. Bobby McMasters - 2/25/2015
1-5 Master of Science in Information Security and Assurance . Understand the interdisciplinary aspects (technical, business, management, and policy) of information assurance and information systems and organizational security.
2. Assess and manage the identification of and response to the changing nature of the information risks and information security challenges that increasingly complex, distributed organizations face.
3. Establish governance policies and management mechanisms necessary to develop, acquire, and operate sustainable, cost-effective secure information infrastructures.
4. Integrate various ethical, legal, technological and professional perspectives, both local and global, along with data protection and information assurance perspectives, throughout the various MIS decision making and managerial and leadership processes.
5. Manage and direct the development and operational use of information security and assurance procedures, policies and technologies throughout the organization
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