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MGMT 424 : Project Management in Aviation Operations

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College of Business (WBUAD)
Project Management in Aviation Operations
This course introduces the student to the concept of project management in aviation operations. It addresses the three-dimensional goals of every project: the accomplishment of work in accordance with budget, schedule, and performance requirements. The procedures for planning, managing, and developing projects in an aeronautical environment are covered, as well as the aspects of controlling project configuration from inception to completion. Automated tools used to determine cost, schedule, staffing, and resource allocation are covered, as well as the process of determining the effectiveness and technical validity of aviation-related projects.

This course is designed as introduction to project management. Project management tools and techniques are widely used in the aerospace/aviation industry. Students will be exposed to common project management tools and techniques as well as be provided an opportunity to apply project management methods. At the end of this class, the student will have completed a project plan and will be able to apply techniques such as project definition, project scope, scheduling, cost management, risk management, quality, procurement, human resources, and communication in an integrated methodology.

Upon course completion, the student will be able to:

1. Define Project Management and identify the five process areas and nine knowledge areas associated with it.

2. Define the criteria for project selection and develop project requirements by using project management tools.

3. Define project scope, schedule, and cost using project management tools and techniques.

4. Describe project risk management and how to apply risk management techniques.

5. Establish a project baseline and be able to monitor and control a project.

6. Formulate and implement a communication plan.

7. Understand the role of the project manager, project leadership, and the project team.

8. Describe the different project organizations, and the variables that lead to project success and failure.

9. Understand how to successfully apply and utilize effective project management to aviation-related projects.

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