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MGMT 427 : Management of the Multicultural Workforce

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College of Business (WBUAD)
Management of the Multicultural Workforce
Students are provided with an opportunity to explore management of the multicultural workforce. The elements of cultural anthropology and international business, communicating across cultures, contrasting cultural values, and managing and maintaining organizational culture are addressed in the context of international aviation management.

This course is designed to provide a working understanding for the international aviation manager to supervise and manage individual and groups in international aviation organizations. The role of culture and cultural diversity, organizational socialization and leadership is examined.

Upon course completion, students will be able to:

1. Recognize the value in recruiting and developing a multicultural staff.

2. Recognize cultural forms and the impact of the aviation organization on productivity initiatives.

3. Analyze the characteristics of organizational subcultures and describe the control forms necessary.

4. Describe the different methods of leadership practiced in aviation organization used in balancing concerns about cultural innovation and maintenance.5. Describe the cultural interchange between aviation organizations and environments, and propose methods for managing and maintaining cultural innovation.

6. Research, analyze and apply methods used by successful airlines in managing a diverse workplace during times of complexity and organizational change.

7. Identify strategies for successfully managing a culturally diverse workplace project team.

8. Examine international management laws and ethics in the areas of employment law, labor relations, compensation, and performance development within the global workplace.

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