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AMNT 270 : Airframe Structures and Applications

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College of Aeronautics (WAERO)
Airframe Structures and Applications
This course is an introduction to airframe structures, appropriate applications and repairs. The study of aircraft wood, dope, fabric, sheet metal, welding theory and methods of fabrication are included in this course.

The course is designed to provide foundational knowledge into the various areas of aeronautical airframe structures and systems. Upon successful completion the student will have an operational knowledge of the principles, fundamentals, and technical procedures associated with airframe structures, appropriate applications and repairs.

Upon course completion, students will be able to:

1. Analyze and describe the basic fixed wing and rotor-wing structures and aerodynamics, including operation and performance.

2. Compare and contrast the different types of sheet-metal, non-ferrous materials and structures in aircraft design and construction.

3. Demonstrate the techniques for sheet metal maintenance and repair, layout, forming, repairs, and structural fasteners.

4. Differentiate and choose the various tools and procedures required for aircraft sheet metal repair and welding.

5. Discriminate and describe the techniques for repairing fabric used in aircraft coverings, wood structures, composites, and plastics.

6. Identify and describe aircraft/helicopter controls, flight assembly and rigging systems.

7. Interpret and arrange the steps involved in painting and finishing an aircraft structure.

8. Define and describe the aircraft hydraulic and pneumatic assemblies and power systems.

9. Explain the workings of aircraft landing gear systems, brakes, tires, and tubes.

10. Interpret and defend the importance of regulations and procedures relating to preflight-major-annuals servicing, 337 Alterations and Repairs, maintenance, and documentation.

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