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MSLD 635 : Organizational Change

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College of Business (WBUAD)
Organizational Change
In a constantly changing environment, leaders will need to become changearchitects for their organizations. This course focuses on leadership elementsnecessary to introduce planned change through an understanding of theories and concepts related to organizational intervention. The student will develop the skills necessary to anticipate the need for change; champion change agendas; diagnose organizational issues; develop change action plans, strategies, and techniques; and assess, monitor, and stabilize changed organizations. Throughout the course, the student will develop methods and models for assessing current organizational climate, resolving interpersonal issues, and developing strategies for planned organizational change through the use of high performance systems.

The goal of this course is to develop students as change leaders within theirorganizations. Students will learn to diagnose, analyze, and resolve organizational issuesand evaluate the results of planned change interventions.

Upon course completion of this course, students will be able to:1. Recognize organizational and global factors contributing to the accelerating rateof change.2. Explain the essential components of a process for planned change.3. Define resistance to change and its function and list tactics for dealing withresistance to change.4. Recognize team problems and apply team development techniques withinorganizational interventions.5. Identify problems of intergroup conflict and sub-optimization and differentiate thecauses of cooperative versus competitive group relations.6. Describe the major diagnostic models and techniques used in organizationaldevelopment programs.7. Develop interventions, activities, or programs designed to resolve problems orincrease organizational effectiveness.8. Formulate a plan to maintain, internalize, and stabilize a change program.

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