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College of Business (WBUAD)
Financial Accounting
This course is a study of financial accounting concepts, standards, and financial reports used for external reporting by an enterprise. The course will examine accounting concepts, the accounting model, measurement and disclosure of economic transactions, preparation of financial statements, financial statement analysis, the accounting cycle, property, plant, and equipment, depreciation methods, inventory, short- and long-term liabilities, stockholders' equity transactions, inter-corporate investments, and off-balancing financing with an emphasis on aviation and aerospace related businesses.

This course is designed to provide the student with a conceptual understanding of financial accounting concepts, and the skills and insight to apply these concepts within the aviation industry.

Upon completion of the course the student will be able to:1. Understand the role of MBAs in financial accounting2. Prepare and interpret the four basic financial accounting statements3. Prepare accounting adjustments4. Understand the importance of accrual accounting5. Explain the accounting cycle6. Account for receivables and payables7. Account for inventory8. Account for the acquisition, depreciation, and disposal of property, plant, and equipment9. Account for the current and long-term liabilities10. Account for stockholders’ equity and related transactions11. Account for and analyze inter-corporate investments12. Account for and analyze non-owner financing13. Report and analyze off-balance-sheet financing14. Write a term paper or perform a research project

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