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College of Business (WBUAD)
This course provides a survey of investments including security markets, investment vehicles, investment analysis, and portfolio management. Specific topics include the concept of risk and return, types of financial instruments, security valuation, mechanics of trading, the survey of investment companies, asset allocation for individual and an institutional investors, the concept of efficient markets, equity and bond portfolio management, and portfolio performance evaluation. The course is taught from the viewpoint of both an individual and institutional investor. The course uses case studies from the airline and aerospace industries, Web-based investment simulation, and current economic and capital market information to provide practical application of the course materials.

This course is designed to develop a critical analysis and understanding of securitymarkets, investment vehicles, investment analysis, and portfolio management. Thestudents are provided with knowledge and skills required for the analysis of investmentopportunities in the airline and aerospace industry.

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:1. Categorize and compare operational mechanics of different security markets.2. Analyze information necessary to make intelligent investment decisions,including interpretation of financial statements and other financial information.3. Develop analytical skills and critical thinking necessary to value securities andevaluate alternative investment decisions.4. Develop advanced knowledge of equity and fixed income securities and portfoliosvaluation.5. Be able to construct an optimal portfolio, revise the portfolio and evaluateportfolio investment performance utilizing the main principles of investmentanalysis and portfolio management.6. Be able to develop hedging and speculation strategies through the use of futuresand options in portfolio management.7.Be able to justify the importance of international diversification; developknowledge of global capital markets, international investment vehicles, risk andvaluation of international securities.8. Evaluate the latest research developments and issues in investment analysis andportfolio management.

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