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FIND 620 : Air Transport Economic Modeling

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College of Business (WBUAD)
Air Transport Economic Modeling
This course introduces students to several important advanced mathematical and statistical techniques that are used to build and test econometric models, and provide solutions addressed by the institution. Emphasis will be placed on developing an understanding of the essentials underlying various methods and the ability to relate the methods to important issues faced by an analyst carrying out econometric analysis on airline economic and/or financial data. That is, how to choose the right method and how to make the right decision. Students will learn how to conduct time series analysis using EVIEWS, cross-sectional analysis using SPSS, and panel data analysis using LIMDEP. In this course students are expected to utilize a systematic and careful reasoning to solve managerial problems.

The course provides an overview of airline business decision processes with a focus oneconomic and econometric modeling techniques utilized in the global aviation industry.

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:1. Compare and contrast different forecasting methodologies applicable to the airtransport industry.2. Develop advanced knowledge of forecasting and simulation methodology andtests of a variety of hypotheses involving airline economic and financial data.3. Evaluate different multivariate data analysis methods and explain how they can beused with the air transport industry data.Reviewed and Approved by:Worldwide Campus

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