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COMD 230 : Digital Photography

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College of Arts & Sciences (WARSC)
Digital Photography
This course introduces fundamental photographic skills through digital technologies. Emphasis is placed on the tools, techniques, and aesthetics of a range of photographic applications pertaining to graphic design and interactive media.

Students will learn basic photographic theory (composition, exposure, and creative controls), view, critique, appreciate the work of professional photographers and be able to discuss the work with an informed critical voice, use technology to edit and manipulate digital photographs and create and edit single images as well as a series of photographs that communicate a single story or idea.

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to: Demonstrate a basic knowledge of fundamental photographic theory. Operate basic digital cameras, selecting appropriate lenses, f-stops, and shutter speeds to solve various picture problems. Create photographs which correspond to basic photographic design and communication principles. Demonstrate proficiency in the use of image manipulation software programs and graphic workstations for digital imaging applications. Control, calibrate and manage the color digital work flow through all productions stage from image capture to final output. Demonstrate an awareness of contemporary aesthetic, legal, and ethical considerations in digital imaging. Review and report on exhibits from photographic professionals. Create a photo essay that communicates a single story or theme. Put together a portfolio of images that details their photographic progress over a period of time.

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