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COMD 322 : Aviation and Aerospace Communication

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College of Arts & Sciences (WARSC)
Aviation and Aerospace Communication
This course introduces the practices of communicating news and issues in aviation and aerospace to a variety of publics through magazine-style writing and public speaking. Students will learn how to recognize the news value of contemporary aviation issues, to gain an understanding of those issues through research and interviews with experts, and to write about and discuss the issues. Coursework also includes readings from respected aviation writers that illustrate aviation's economic and social impact on society. Special topics include safety, airport security and congestion, emerging legal issues, and international aviation trends.

To recognize the news value in the following issues in aviation and aerospace, master the issues through interviews and research, and write about and deliver them to a broad audience Aviation Business Airport security and congestion Recreational and military aviation Emerging political and legislative issues Aviation/ aerospace technologies, training, and job prospects Aviation and aerospace safety Issues related to pilots and air traffic controllers (such as mandatory retirement ages) Profiling people working in aviation and aerospace To gain an understanding of how aviation and aerospace are portrayed in the media and covered by the media, and write about and discuss this relationship, citing specific, contemporary examples

1. Recognize issues in aviation and aerospace that are compelling to a broad audience and write about and discuss wide range of these issues in a manner that educates and entertains.2. Identify sources of information in all facets of aviation and aerospace, and gather that information through personal interviews and research.3. Translate technical, complicated issues related to aviation and aerospace and disseminate that information in a manner comprehensible to a broad audience.4. Compose magazine-style articles fit to publish in publications serving a diverse readership.5. Speak authoritatively about various issues in aviation and aerospace to a mass audience.

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