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COMD 420 : Applied Cross Cultural Communication

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Applied Cross Cultural Communication
An examination of the challenges to communicating across the variety of subcultures present in work environments. Ethnicity, nationality, gender, physical impairment and sexuality are among the areas of difference often present in business and professional environments which may influence the establishment of cooperative working relationships. Means for analyzing and developing strategies to transcend and make positive use of sub-cultural differences will be considered.

This course aims to provide students with an understanding and appreciation of as well as the capacity to devise multicultural communication strategies for effectiveness, leadership, and development in business and professional arenas. The mounting evidence of the failure of the "melting pot" paradigm provides the rationale for focus to be placed on the encounter of difference in human social interaction and the challenge it presents to the achievement of effective communication. Trends in the globalization of trade and industry, immigration, the growth of ethnic/cultural subgroup populations, and the emergence of increased openness about alternative lifestyles all heighten the need for competent management of communication. To function in today's organizational and business cultures twenty-first century workers must be able to identify with others and align individual with group purposes and efforts in service to organizational enterprises.

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:1. Demonstrate understanding of principles and nature of difference, communication, and organizational culture and subcultures.2. Ability to describe and analyze organizational environments.3. Demonstrate ability to describe and analyze cultural and sub-cultural markings.

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