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HLSD 280 : Professional Skills in Homeland Security

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College of Arts & Sciences (WARSC)
Professional Skills in Homeland Security
Prepare students to seek and win internships. Personality evaluations, cover letter and resume preparation, interviewing skills. Ethics and professionalism in homeland security.

This course introduces students to several business and professional skills that will assist their transition from a student to a professional and to begin a career in homeland security. Students will identify the overarching characteristics of homeland security as a profession and how that matches individual personality profiles.

1. Measure and understand basic personality types.2. Measure and understand a preferred conflict resolution style.3. Discuss and relate the main characteristics of personality and conflict resolution style to career development.4. Learn how to write a cover letter and resume and to tie them together regarding a specific job.5. Learn interviewing skills.6. Perform a systematic search for an internship that matches the student’s personality profile.7. Develop an understanding of professional ethics and how they apply in the field of homeland security or defense.8. Identify and understand the mission of at least one professional association for Homeland Security professionals.

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Written assignments must be formatted in accordance with the current edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) unless otherwise instructed in individual assignments.

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