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College of Arts & Sciences (WARSC)
Creative Writing
This course culminates the interpretive and expressive elements of communications classes. The study, practice and utilization of a personal style of creative composition, examples of contemporary literature and submittal of publications are included in this course.

This course will enhance the student's knowledge and use of elements in poetry, fiction and drama. Students will be able to recognize effective expression in own and other's work and, therefore, supplement an appreciation and understanding of literature.

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

1. Complete a creative writing assignment in more than one genre.

2. Correctly analyze and critique in writing or orally their writing efforts.

3. Evaluate other students' writings in writing or orally.

4. Compare and contrast in writing or orally established writers' styles to their writing style.

5. Judge and explain in writing or orally what makes a creative work successful, including the importance of a particular writing style, adherence to genre expectations, and/or the relevance of the subject to contemporary issues.

6. Discuss in writing or orally the ethical responsibilities of a creative writer, including whether or not there are any.

7. Conduct an analysis to determine potential markets for a selected piece of writing.

8. Prepare a submission package for a selected piece of writing.

Located on the Daytona Beach Campus, the Jack R. Hunt Library is the primary library for all students of the Worldwide Campus. The Chief Academic Officer strongly recommends that every faculty member, where appropriate, require all students in his or her classes to access the Hunt Library or a comparable college-level local library for research. The results of this research can be used for class projects such as research papers, group discussion, or individual presentations. Students should feel comfortable with using the resources of the library. 

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Written assignments must be formatted in accordance with the current edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) unless otherwise instructed in individual assignments.

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Graduate Grade Scale

90 - 100% A
80 - 89% B
70 - 79% C
0 - 69% F
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Theresa P. Maue, Ph.D - 3/31/2015
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