Aerospace Engineering

This minor will provide knowledge in basic Aerospace Engineering. Students earn this minor by completing a total of 17 credit hours as follows:

AE 301Aerodynamics I3
AE 313Space Mechanics3
AE 318Aerospace Structures I3
Specified Electives8
Total Credits17

Specified electives

AE 302Aerodynamics II *3
AE 314Experimental Aerodynamics *1
AE 315Experimental Aerodynamics Laboratory *1
AE 413Airplane Stability & Control *3
ME 309Airbreathing and Rocket Propulsion *3
AE 325Experimental Space Systems Engineering **1
AE 326Experimental Space Systems Engineering Lab **1
AE 414Space Propulsion **3
AE 426Spacecraft Attitude Dynamics **3
EP 394Space Systems Engineering **3
AE 416
AE 417
Aerospace Structures and Instrumentation
and Aerospace Structures and Instrumentation Laboratory
AE 418Aerospace Structures II3
EGR 401Advanced CATIA (or equivalent course covering the Application of Advanced CATIA Methods)1
ES 413Engineering Fundamental Review1
ES 415Engineering Fundmentals Practicum3

These courses are recommended for students interested in Aeronautics.


These courses are recommended for students interested in Astronautics.

Note: This minor is not open to students pursuing a degree in Aerospace Engineering.