Business Administration

Students may earn a minor in Business Administration by successfully completing the following.

BA 201Principles of Management3
BA 210Financial Accounting3
BA 311Marketing3
EC 210Microeconomics3
or EC 211 Macroeconomics
or EC 200 An Economic Survey
or EC 225 Engineering Economics
Specified Electives6
Total Credits18

Specified Electives

BA 308Public Administration3
BA 319Managerial and Organizational Behavior3
BA 320Business Information Systems3
BA 322Aviation Insurance3
BA 324Aviation Labor Relations3
BA 327Airline-Airport Operations3
BA 328Professional Consulting3
BA 329Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination3
BA 332Corporate Finance I3
BA 333Personal Financial Planning3
BA 335International Business3
BA 340International Accounting3
BA 342International Finance3
BA 408Airport Management3
BA 410Management of Air Cargo3
BA 418Airport Administration and Finance3
BA 420Management of Production and Operations3
BA 421Small Business Management3
EC 225Engineering Economics *3

Notes: Not open to students pursuing any Business degree.

At least 9 credit hours must be taken at ERAU Prescott. At least 6 credits hours must fall outside (cannot be shared with) the student’s primary degree program and selected concentration.

BA/EC courses cannot be shared between business-related minors.


 If not already taken as the EC component of the minor.