College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Archie Dickey, Dean

Dr. Dickey has published nearly 100 reports and articles on environmental issues and provides expert commentary to the national media in cases like the U.S. Air Flight 1549 bird strike encounter in January 2009. He is president of Biozone, Inc., an environmental and ecological consulting company.

Welcome. Our programs and curricula encompass the humanities, communication, strategic languages, the physical and life sciences, the social and psychological sciences, mathematics, economics, business, management, and military science. In essence, our wide variety of offerings signifies that our College puts the universe in university. Through our academics, we offer mental, physical, and spiritual enrichment so that our students can succeed in all areas of life from the professional to the personal. We are totally committed to helping our students develop as scholars, professionals, and citizens.

Cherished pursuits of the College are developing leaders, inculcating moral and ethical integrity, helping to resolve local, regional, national, international, and global issues, and supporting both the uniqueness of the individual and the integration of the individual into the larger community.

At the Prescott Campus, the College of Arts and Sciences works closely with the Colleges of Aviation, Engineering, and Security and Intelligence. The result is a seamless and unsurpassed educational experience that places the student on the road to professional, social, and personal success.

General Education

The College offers courses in mathematics, the physical and life sciences, the social and psychological sciences, information technology, humanities, communication, economics, business, and management. These courses provide essential knowledge supporting all University degree programs. They also provide an intellectual and emotional grounding necessary for 21st century success on the student’s terms. Finally, they shape the priceless competencies of speech, writing, close reading, quantitative analysis, aesthetic apperception, critical thinking, moral and ethical judgment and behavior, and leadership. Our General Education courses provide our students a strong foundation for success, not only in their degree programs but in their careers after graduation.

U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force ROTC

ROTC activities are administratively situated in the College to ensure the highest quality educational experience for all ROTC cadets. Please refer to the Special Academic Programs and Opportunities section of the catalog for more information.

Federal TRIO Programs

The Upward Bound program provides educational services and programs for college-bound students from disadvantaged backgrounds as described in the Higher Education Act of 1965, Title IV, Part A, Subpart 2. Please refer to the Financial Assistance section of the catalog for more information.

International Education

All students have the option of receiving a portion of their undergraduate education at selected universities in Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East. Other international education experiences include co-ops and internships. The College matches the needs of each student with prospective academic institutions and venues.

Professional Consultation

Faculty work on grants, contracts, and consultancies with federal, state, and local governments. These faculty members also set world standards in partnership with corporations and other business and industrial entities. They also shape public opinion through extensive mass media communication. Of special note, the Aviation Business Administration (ABA) program is renowned for its faculty-led student teams providing ad hoc consulting for airports and other transportation sites and for its consulting with the Transportation Research Board and the Arizona Aerospace and Defense Commission.

Scholarly Accomplishment

All faculty are engaged in creating knowledge that benefits not only their scholarly discipline but also the world at large. Students often work closely with faculty on grants, contracts, and other scholarly pursuits. Our Space Physics faculty and students, particularly, epitomize learning through scholarship and research, demonstrated through endeavors like their involvement with the laser interferometer gravitational wave observatory. Another source of excellence is the FAA-sponsored research undertaken by our biology faculty into critical areas of inquiry such as bird-strike investigations. Our ABA faculty have literally “written the book” on airport management and aviation labor relations. Yet another growing area of excellence is in the empirical validation of novel service learning activities.


B.S. in Astronomy

B.S. in Aviation Business Administration

B.S. in Business Administration

B.S. in Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination

B.S. in Forensic Biology

B.S. in Forensic Psychology

B.S. in Global Business

B.S. in Industrial Psychology and Safety

B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies

B.S. in Simulation Science, Games and Animation

B.S. in Space Physics

B.S. in Wildlife Science

M.S. in Safety Science