B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies

Program Plan of Study and Requirements

The Interdisciplinary Studies program consists of a set of core requirements and three minors, allowing students to essentially design their own degree programs. The element of choice in the program gives students experience in planning their own futures. The program seeks to produce students with an entrepreneurial spirit who will cross boundaries, make creative connections, and become leaders in aviation, aerospace, and related industries. The core requirements in this program help our students to become worldly thinkers who understand that information and skills gleaned from one area of life can be applied to other areas, thus preparing students to meaningfully and usefully connect their three minors. The program respond directly to calls by American corporate leaders for graduates who understand both technology and human beings. To that end, students choose from courses in the humanities, geography, international studies, philosophy and ethics, foreign languages, and psychology. The degree culminates in a senior capstone requirement, which most often takes the form of a co-op experience.

Students meet regularly with the interdisciplinary studies program chair or faculty advisors to develop and revise their individual plan for degree completion. This plan involves evaluating their career objectives and selecting three appropriate minors.

Students should be aware that several courses in each academic year may have prerequisites and/or corequisites. Check the course descriptions before registering for classes to ensure appropriate sequencing.

Degree Requirements

The Bachelor of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Studies requires successful completion of a minimum of 120 credit hours, including a minimum of 40 credit hours of upper-division courses (300-400 level).

General Education36
Core Requirements 30-33
Minors and Open Electives51-54
Total Credit Hours120

General Education

Communication Theory and Skills *9
Computer Science3
Lower-Level Humanities *3
Physical and Life Sciences (One course must include a laboratory)6
Lower-Level Social Sciences *6
HU/SS 300-400 level *3
Total Credits36

Core Requirements

Cross Discipline Core

BA 201Principles of Management3
PSY 101Introduction to Psychology **3
MA 222Business Statistics **3
Select one of the following:3
Principles of Aeronautical Science
Interdisciplinary Studies - Issues in Facing the Future
History of Aviation in America
Private Pilot Certificate
Total Credits12

Enhanced General Education

Select six credits from the following:6
Any HU 14X series
Introduction to Geography
Introduction to Sociology
Introduction to Global Security
Arabic I & II
Chinese I & II
Spanish I & II
Summer Study Abroad
Select one of the following:3
Values and Ethics
World Philosophy **
Comparative Religions **
Total Credits9

International Focus

Select two of the following:6
International Business
Technology and Modern Civilization
Global Crime and International Justice Systems
Studies in Global Intelligence I
Political Change, Revolution, and War
Global History, Politics, and Culture
International Security and Globalization
GSIS Senior Capstone Course
International Relations
U.S. - Asian Relations
Modern U.S. Foreign Policy
Total Credits6

Capstone Experience

IS 399Special Topics in Interdisciplinary Studies (OR Cooperative Education )3-6
Total Credits3-6
Total Credits30-33

Minors and Open Electives

Students must select three minor fields of study which range in credits from 15 to 21. Open Electives will complete any remaining credits after the selection of minors.

Minors and Open Electives51-54

Embry-Riddle courses in the general education categories of Communication Theory and Skills, Humanities, and Social Sciences may be chosen from those listed below, assuming prerequisite requirements are met.


Courses required if not taken for general education credit.

Communication Theory and Skills
COM 122English Composition3
COM 219Speech3
COM 221Technical Report Writing3
COM 222Business Communication3
COM 223Intelligence Writing3
COM 420Advanced Technical Communication I1
HU 355Creative Writing3
HU 399Special Topics in Humanities6
HU 499Special Topics in Humanities6
Any HU 14X course
HU 300-400 level
Social Sciences
EC 100-200 level
SS/PSY 100-200 level
SS/PSY 300-400 level